Banks - Reconciliation

Banking is perhaps one industry where proper reconciliation is of utmost importance. Owing to the enormous volume of transactions going through every minute and different data sources, timely and accurate reconciliation is quite often a challenge. The banking sector experiences a lack of visibility due to many single/ dual-purpose systems, manual reconciliations, and regulatory requirements. To reduce errors, save time, and obtain real-time data and reports, the sector needs a standardized, dynamic solution that can fully automate the reconciliation steps for banks, with clear visibility and granular level audits.

QuikRecon is one such solution. This reconciliation tool is designed specifically for banks that support and allows them to create their own match rules, however complex or simple, to perform reconciliation automatically as soon as the daily data is available. Financial positions and risks can be investigated and resolved in real-time.

QuikRecon supports various types of financial reconciliations, bank statements, Insurance transactions, merchant/credit cards, online payments, payables & receivables (AP/AR), general ledger to sub-ledger, GL / suspense, Nostro / Vostro accounts, intercompany, trades, and positions. It also possesses functionalities for smart financial close management: balance sheet reconciliation and account certification, period-end task management, enhanced control of journals, and variance analysis. Now, this digital transformation era is fuelled by changing business needs, and so is QuikRecon. Talk about new business data structures, business rules, process workflows, or organizational changes – QuikRecon is ready for all! This results in a compliant, transparent audit that improves efficiency and saves time.

Use cases of QuikRecon in a bank

✥ Transaction processing systems to GL reconciliation

✥ Journal entries reconciliation and event settlement

✥ Balance-to-balance reconciliation

✥ Daily balancing of high-risk subledger accounts

✥ Reconcile commission allocations to the general ledger

✥ Automation of data import, matching, and reporting

QuikRecon Benefits for a Bank