REGO deployed highly secure cloud-based analytics platform to ensure Coppa compliance.

REGO payment technology was developed with the primary aim of providing a safe and convenient online shopping experience for children in our web-centric world. With REGO's family wallet, parents can efficiently manage their children's budgets and monitor their spending activities.

Recognizing the need for streamlined reporting and enhanced security, REGO sought the expertise of TotaGo, to automate REGO's reporting processes and create a highly secure cloud-based analytics platform that adheres to Coppa compliance standards while enabling monetization opportunities.


Through our advanced analytics and secure platform, we contributed to REGO's success in empowering parents and children to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Furthermore, the cloud-based analytics platform not only complied with regulations but also enable REGO to explore monetization opportunities. By leveraging the power of data analytics, REGO is now able to gain valuable insights into user behaviors and preferences, leading to improved services and targeted marketing strategies.