NIMASA utilized data and advanced analytics to enhance Nigeria's global maritime standing, promote sustainable growth, and ensure safety and compliance in its waters.

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is dedicated to establishing and upholding global best practices in the delivery of maritime services within Nigeria. NIMASA has embarked on an initiative to enhance its data management and analytics capabilities. NIMASA aims to address critical challenges, including the lack of a comprehensive 360-degree view of shipping, compliance, and revenue in the maritime sector.  NIMASA came to Totago for a robust and integrated data system, to gather, consolidate, and analyze information from various sources within the maritime industry. This unified approach will provide a comprehensive and real-time view of shipping activities, compliance adherence, and revenue generation.


NIMASA now uses real-time data for informed decision-making in its maritime operations. The adoption of a unified data platform plays a pivotal role in bolstering compliance monitoring, guaranteeing strict adherence to maritime regulations. Beyond regulatory compliance, the platform provides a thorough overview of various revenue streams, empowering NIMASA to pinpoint optimization opportunities and ultimately enhance its financial performance. The seamless integration of diverse data sources has revolutionized operational processes, elevating efficiency and significantly minimizing manual efforts, thereby leading to tangible cost savings.