Effective Business Intelligence and Analytic Solutions delivered across every Industry.​

Organizations spanning various industries and market sectors aim to capture data at every touchpoint and market feed, seeking to extract information for product improvement and market positioning. Without a clear strategy for data capture, organization, and management, these efforts risk becoming a waste of time and money.

At TotaGo Technologies, we empower businesses to make informed decisions. We uncover underlying business challenges and opportunities, transforming data into actionable insights. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge enable us to rapidly develop effective solutions, addressing critical challenges.

Our expertise includes BI Strategy, Application Upgrade & Migration, Enterprise Data Warehousing, AI & Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Training and Development, BIG DATA, Data Monetization, and Integrated Mobile Solutions.

Successfully implementing industry-specific business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, we have made an impact in Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Communication.


We know our verticals.  From retail to healthcare and everything in between,
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With competition at an all-time high, and increasing pressure to streamline administrative activities, related expenses, and overall patient care, our flexible and affordable Healthcare Analytic Solution and Strategies will help reduce overhead cost and increase patient experience and satisfactions.


With intensified competition and rising churn rates, our proven Analytics Framework and Strategies will help your organization improve service delivery, boost sales and revenues, enhance customer loyalty, increase the efficiency of core operations, and gain a significant competitive advantage.


Have insight into your corporate data to answer critical questions quickly to improve quality and manufacturing performance. We can help improve both operations and return-on-investment through the implementation of our proven Business Process Automation, Analytics Framework and Strategies


Non Profit

Our proficiency in data integration for informed decision-making empowers you to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement more efficiently, contributing to the development of a stronger and more resilient community.




Leveraging our proficiency in growth analytics, we go beyond merely identifying potential markets; we empower you to swiftly pinpoint and strategically target areas where business opportunities are not just high, but ripe for optimal exploitation.


Our Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions empower insurance companies by converting data into actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making, effective risk mitigation, and sustaining a competitive edge in the dynamic industry landscape.


Understanding the intricate interplay between shipping activities, compliance adherence, and revenue generation necessitates a nuanced approach. Totago stands as a reliable partner, offering a sophisticated integrated data system tailored to the unique needs of the maritime sector. Our solution is designed to seamlessly gather, consolidate, and analyze information from diverse sources within the maritime ecosystem.


We can help you overcome the challenge of limited insight into your business by creating and implementing a business and analytics strategies to efficiently combine, store and analyze your key business data to forecast cash requirements and make future predictions.