Improved access to education, income and health in North Texas through Analytics

United Way Metropolitan of Dallas (UW) is a non-profit organization with focus on tackling  complex social problems by surrounding North Texans with 200+ local programs in the areas of Education, Income, and Health – the essential components of a thriving community.

Recognizing the significance of data integration in driving informed decision-making, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas sought the expertise of TotaGo to consolidate all of UW's electronically stored data, which was previously spread across disparate sources, into a unified data platform. This integration aims to create a comprehensive and homogenized view of the organization, facilitating quick and well-informed decision-making processes.


Through this data integration initiative, United Way improved the lives of North Texans by gaining deeper insights into their programs' effectiveness, resource allocation, and overall impact on the community. The seamless integration of data from various sources  enabled United Way to identify patterns, trends, and areas of improvement more efficiently to build a stronger and more resilient community.