Taiwo Ajayi


Taiwo Ajayi, a seasoned Data & AI Evangelist and entrepreneur, boasts over 17 years of dynamic experience in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Throughout his career, he has relentlessly pursued excellence, aligning IT and Business strategies with corporate objectives across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

As the Global Operations Managing Director at Totago, Taiwo leads the company’s worldwide operations with a progressive and engaging approach, ensuring Totago Technologies maintains its position at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Taiwo’s IT journey includes significant roles such as Business Intelligence Competency Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa at Oracle Corporation. He has made a lasting impact at renowned organizations like Bluechip Technologies, Tavia Technologies, Finance Applications Systems Limited, and has provided consulting expertise to esteemed entities such as MTN Nigeria, MTN Zambia, Eco Bank, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Multi-links Telecom, and Iris Smart Technologies.

Beyond the corporate sphere, Taiwo has actively contributed to National Projects in Nigeria, showcasing his dedication to driving technological advancements on a broader scale.

Taiwo’s academic background is rooted in Philosophy, graduating from the prestigious University of Ibadan. Additionally, he holds a Diploma Degree in Strategic Project Management from the Westford School of Management in Dubai.

In essence, Taiwo Ajayi emerges as a visionary leader, blending profound expertise in Entrepreneurship, Data & AI with a strategic mindset. His journey signifies not only professional success but also a commitment to advancing technology and leaving a lasting impact in the global IT landscape.